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 Fahrenheit "too hot" sweat stunning special effects exhibition dancing MV ten countries (Figure)

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PostFahrenheit "too hot" sweat stunning special effects exhibition dancing MV ten countries (Figure)

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LOS ANGELES year after nearly eight months, Fahrenheit on September 17 will launch the latest album, "too hot", this time, Fahrenheit did her best to put in more effort and hard work! Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan, four turns in the MV in the body and dance exhibitions, but also to "spell is special effects," prepared to allow the fans blood spray sheets, using a number of stunning special effects playing with fire, shadow a mass of flame flashed from time to time, there are icebergs frozen in the visual impact.

Fahrenheit's last album, "more love" to go rock and roll style, and this time uses the new album is the most popular electronic dance elements of fashion, the same name as the first wave of strong electronic dance beat, "too hot" is the first electronic dance music, four in the 100 busy filming and taking time out of the auspices of the notice with the well-known dance teacher Zhang Shengfeng teacher training hard, "towel dance battle." Sheng-Feng teacher heard "too hot" after the song, in particular, a powerhouse on the schedule, distribute sexy masculine dance interlude part is also unique ingenuity to add a paragraph "towel dance battle", so that the whole song The dance performance is more worth seeing. After 13 games in the world tour of tempering baptism, Fahrenheit dance as many diligent, studied dance speed quickly, the first day of dance practice almost all learn to dance the whole time and learn well, so that teachers can not help much praise Feng Sheng their progress and efforts. Great Eastern was once in the course of the dance practice too intense to trigger a knee-old wounds, so that after they had finished dancing to ice! Aaron was hit in the head when shooting a slight concussion, but the rest less than a day, it refrained from far and wide dizziness actively rush the dance practice room; Calvin turn out to be too into the thigh strain; Wu Zun is the expense of resting time, click play on the rush from far and wide. The extent of four dedicated to all staff a thumbs-up, Fahrenheit said that all this is to give the fans to see different Fahrenheit!

To create a wonderful Fahrenheit "too hot" MV, record company invited the director of Taiwan cutting-edge visual master Bier Gu used the two conflicting elements of fire and ice. Early morning shooting that day, the members of Fahrenheit into the shed on the shooting part of the mouth. Although the background in a clean mouth before, but because an increasingly hot climate, so the director asked them to performers in particular have a growing feeling hot. Fahrenheit wear fashion Toushi Zhuang, the first attempt in front of the camera "Partial sexy" model of the mouth, lips slightly open sometimes, and sometimes their eyes full of power, sometimes pulling the chest by the collar, so that from the first album in Fahrenheit has worked with directors that they really had more man! then to film Fahrenheit members of the ice out and sweat of the screen, Fahrenheit members of the biggest challenges of his debut sexy 11 are off the upper body Toushi Zhuang , half-naked play, so make-up artist painting the body cool jelly, and spray gun manufacturers sweat effect. The official shot in front of East and Calvin is fierce in the studio, sit-ups and push-ups for, and hope to train hard for several days before the camera shows the perfect fitness and success of the muscle. MV filming the scene like a shower gel ad shoot the scene, four people were in front of the camera to show the perfect upper body lines really make the scene on film, the effect of blood spray Zhang female staff, so that we all address him Fahrenheit temperature rise, feeling too hot!

Finished part of the mouth, the flywheel to the hippocampus on the non-stop for the next most consumed ─ ─ filming physical dance. Because the flywheel Haijia the vast parade of dancers, a total of 12 people, staff and because the camera needs, kept the dance scene out of an extension. I saw Fahrenheit over and over again danced this dance, to allow the director to capture images from different angles, the whole earth to jump nearly 50 times! Close to the end of the song played the part of the special arrangements for a female dancer dancing with the personal highlight of Fahrenheit, and even female dancers must Fahrenheit crotch slip past the passion of action. The results show that the most shy Wu Zun, has asked members and staff, said: "I just movement and expression are very strange?" Fortunately he was the director has repeatedly affirmed, the Wu Zun finally put down our guard and successful performance! The song "too hot" and choreography has many close contacts with women DANCER action, so Aaron started some inexplicable tension, direct, said: "This is a dance concert with the different movements concert usually more gentleman This time a close contact, but also full of evocative it! "Calvin is said:" The Female Dancer with dance teachers, all the way from the foot touched the buttocks, chest, turn a circle and then follow the touch down, the first first learned a bit scared, there is blood spray Zhang them! "

Sweat even jump shot in continuous shooting nonstop for 18 hours, the weather has been micro-light, MV shooting finally ended, but Wu Zun, Calvin and Aaron immediately to rush to "Love Buffet" and a collection of filming crew, no rest time, and Big East will have to rush training group rooms and group training to prepare Wei East program performances, so the presence of the staff are very distressed them, but also their dedication and perseverance in performing the work of the amazing praise for them! The sake of this work, along with four crew photographed from 10 am until 3:00 that evening, when we see the finished product frankly Wu Zun so hard, jump to exhaustion is worth. For the new album, "too hot" to step up training of four tall, generous show large muscles, preparing to "hot" summer for the fans refreshing!

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Fahrenheit "too hot" sweat stunning special effects exhibition dancing MV ten countries (Figure) :: Comments

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Fahrenheit "too hot" sweat stunning special effects exhibition dancing MV ten countries (Figure)

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