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PostSubject: [FORUM RULES]   [FORUM RULES] I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 5:24 pm

Asian Fever Official Rule

1. Be Respectful.
= In all times you must be respectful, avoid using foul words towards your co-member or the Staff Team.

2. No Bashing.
= Be careful with everything you say. Do not bash anyone in the forum and especially do not bash the Asian Artist or Bands.

3.No Spamming!
= No double posting (you can edit your posts instead), no one liners. "He's so cute!", "Thanks for posting!" etc. count as spamming.

4. Tag your topics correctly.
- Everyone in the forum has the right to create their own topics, but do not forget to [TAG] them properly to make the forum neat and organized.

LedAppleForum Universal Tags: (these tags are allowed to be used everywhere in the forum)
♥️ [INFO] - If you have information regarding VNT then use this tag.
♥️ [OFFICIAL] - When you are creating a topic that is official or is approved by a Staff member, you are to use this tag.
♥️ [PIC] or [PICS] - If your topic contains mainly a picture use this tag.
♥️ [IMPT] - Be careful when using this tag! This tag is ONLY for things that are IMPORTANT. Staff are expected to use this tag often.
♥️ [QUES] - Use this tag when creating a topic that questions (of course xD).
♥️ [DISC] - When your topic has something to discuss or if your topic is about having a discussion about a certain thing.

5. PG Content
= Let's not forget there are minors, so please do not post anything inappropriate. No swearing, profanity, sexual content etc. Also, no need to be rude, racist etc.

6. Follow our signature rules:
= Only 3 banners or pictures is allowed to be in your siggy.
= You can have the maximum of 20 words in your signature.
= Your banner must follow the forum's official banner dimension (300x100 pixels)
=ONLY 5 links are allowed to be in your signature.

7. Only one account per member.
= Once an Admin or any of the staff finds out that you have 2 or multiple accounts we will automatically delete all your accounts even without your notice.

Avatars should be no bigger than 100x100 and the max. size should is 100KB.

= No use of BBCodes
Please only provide links.
= No spamming
Try not to break up your sentences too much.
Keep things PG
= No swearing, profanity, sexual content etc
= No bashing
= No inappropriate/rude/insulting etc. comments about any other member, staff, Co-ed or any other celebrity/artist. Unnecessary or inappropriate comments should be kept to yourself.WE are nice fans!
= No advertising
You can link to pictures, videos, articles and forum announcements. But you may not link to other forums, your showtime/artistry/intro/inspire threads or useless fan-made polls which are NOT official.
Links to videos, pictures or articles are allowed, but no advertising of other forums.


all rules are subject to change in anytime so please check this thread as often as you can.

Thank You for reading Asian Fever rules.
Very Happy Very Happy

Credit:[ some of the rules were taken from ] 10-co-ed.


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