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 Fahrenheit sends temperature rising in Singapore

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PostFahrenheit sends temperature rising in Singapore

Jiro Wang finds a knife-wielding woman attractive and Calvin Chen puts money to his nose?

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Popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit drove away the cold and rainy weather when they touched down in Singapore to promote their latest album, Super Hot.

At the media conference, interaction and chemistry between the four members were significantly better than before. Calvin Chen was still full of eloquence, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan bridged sentences with experience and Wu Chun occasionally told jokes.

In their latest music video 'Super Hot', the band generously showed off their well-toned bodies. During live performances, they pulled and tugged at their shirts in bid to show off their manly sides. When asked how the group would flaunt their charismas, all four believed that having inner beauty is essential.

Calvin expressed that it had been five years since the formation of Fahrenheit. Fans have not only witnessed their growth throughout the years, but are also starting to understand the individual charisma each member possesses.

Aaron, however believed that a man should have a goal, while Wu Chun thought sincerity was the most important factor.

In particular to the song 'Sexy Girl' from their album, the guys were asked to reveal their sexy girl. Calvin commented that it was important that he and the girl would get along, and hoped for someone he could share his life with.

"Now Jiro will tell everyone who he admires," announced the cheeky member, throwing the question to his band mate, as though hinting there was someone on Jiro's mind.

"I'm a very traditional person. I believe that a man should only settle down at thirty. (Aaron interrupted, asking, "So who's on your 'traditional' list?") I'm too busy at the moment. Sexy Girl is our fans," answered Jiro Wang wittily.

Calvin then turned to Wu Chun, the eldest member of the group, and pointedly joked, "I wouldn't dare to get married before he does."

"We're not talking about marriage now. We're talking about Sexy Girl," Wu Chun reminded. The idol felt that in terms of appearance, anyone can look sexy. However, when it comes to inner beauty, he thought that a hardworking woman is the sexiest. He gave the example of a tennis player in concentration.

Aaron Yan also expressed his admiration for a woman like Angelina Jolie, who gives back to the community by helping poor countries, despite her celebrity status.

"I like a girl who is presentable and can cook. There should be warm interaction between husband and wife, so a girl who can cook is sexy," added Jiro.

Wu Chun jested, "So when a girl holds a knife and you hear the sound of chopping ..."

"Do you think I'm sexy?" Aaron pretended to take a knife and chopped, teasing Jiro in the process. The action evoked laughter from reporters.

When asked if the group had any peculiar habits, Wu Chun let in on Calvin's secret, saying the latter loves to smell money. Aaron then added that the band mate even framed up dollar notes from various countries and hung them at home.

With Hallyu wave taking over the community, Fahrenheit did not think that the sudden rise of Korean boy bands was going to prove a threat to them. They also cleared the air about their slogan, "Fear not the cold, but worry the heat". It was not a challenge to Korean artistes.

Calvin said that the Korean government is very supportive of the Korean entertainment industry and would give their artistes a stage to showcase their talents.

Aaron also analysed that Korean groups would receive monetary rewards from their government and wished for the Taiwanese government to be just as supportive.

In an interview with xinmsn, Aaron added, "In Korea, everyone (each group member) takes on their own work. Yet no one sees that as betrayal to the group. This is what the Chinese entertainment industry is missing."

"And they have something we don't. They speak Korean," said Wu Chun in a weak attempt for a joke.

Although each Fahrenheit member is currently working on other projects, the group insisted that they may "work separately but will not break up".

Calvin Chen is hosting a music programme introducing Japanese and Korean music, Jiro Wang is busy with idol dramas and promotion of his photo book, Van Gogh and Me, and Aaron Yan recently endorsed a skin care product and is busy with acting, setting the Golden Bell Award as his goal.

Last but not least, Wu Chun, the singer-actor who is seen frequently on the big screens is recently working with Barbie Hsu and Han Geng on My Kingdom. He also revealed that Barbie's husband visited the set of the movie.

Though they are each busy with their own projects, Jiro said that Fahrenheit sees each other for at least 200 days a year. That is the reason behind their strong chemistry.

Would they produce solo albums like their S.H.E senior, Hebe?

"Anything is possible," said Aaron.

"I've already recorded 8 songs," quipped Wu Chun.

"I'm sorry, but I've already shot my music video," added the youngest member.

Not one to be outdone, Jiro said, "I've already shot 8 movies."
The humourous Calvin declared "preorder for my album begins tomorrow", amusing the reporters present.

Source: xinmsn
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Fahrenheit sends temperature rising in Singapore

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